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Established in 1988, Zhengmin Group is specialized in the development and production of Anisotropic Ferrite magnets, Isotropic Ferrite magnets, ceramic shafts and NdFeB magnets. It is also the first manufacturer of Anisotropic Ferrite rotor magnets in the Chinese market.
ĦĦThe accessories supplied by Zhengmin are adopted extensively in aquatic sinking pumps, filters, horticultural fountain motors and drain pump used in washing machines. In China, Zhengmin provides domestic aquatic equipment manufacturers with Anisotropic Ferrite rotor magnet accessories and its market share exceeds 85% for eight years in a row.
ĦĦToday, Zhengmin Group, being the largest Anisotropic Ferrite rotor magnet manufacturer in Asia, boasts a staff of over 1200 and three factories with the area amounting to 130,000 square meters. Situated in Zhongshan, Zhengmin Hi-New Magnetic-Electrical Co., Ltd. is the major production base for product exportation. Since 1993, Zhengmin has been exporting rotor magnets to over 20 countries and regions including some European, American and Asian countries. In 2008 Zhengmin achieves annual outputs of magnets and ceramic shafts reaching 56 million pieces and 6 million pieces separately.
Zhengmin group goal is to become the world''s largest Anisotropic Ferrite rotor magnets manufacturers in 2009.
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Company Name: Zhengmin Group Co.,Ltd
Key Contact: Mr.Chengqing Sun
Job Title: Export Administrator
Address: Shangnan Industrial Park, Fusha Town Zhongshan City, Guandong,China.
Province/State: Guangdong
Country/Region: China
Mobile:0086 -13085888888
Star Web:http://zhengmin.petsglobal.com
Business Type:Manufacturer, Exporter

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